I took Stress Savior, but I don’t feel anything. Is something wrong?

Nope! It’s working just as it should. Stress Savior is formulated to work over a longer period of time alongside a healthy diet and exercise. With continuous consumption, the product becomes increasingly effective. So while some may feel the effects immediately, most people may need four to six weeks to experience the full benefits of Stress Savior.

What’s the difference between the indicated serving size and the suggested use?

The serving size indicated on the packaging refers to the amount of capsules you need to take to get a full dosage of the product's ingredients. In contrast, the suggested use tells you the best way to use the supplement to get the most out of its benefits.

Do Pilly Labs products contain any proprietary blends?

Nope, not even a little. Call us crazy, but we think you should know exactly what you put in your body. A dirty secret of the supplement industry is that they don’t have to disclose how much of each ingredient they put in their products as long as it’s “proprietary”. So what do companies do? They put a bunch of ingredients you don’t care about in quantities that don't do you any good, all while charging you an arm and a leg for it. That sound fair to you? Yeah, we don't think so either.

Are your products safe?

Absolutely. We take great pride in providing safe and effective supplements, and we have strict quality standards in place that ensure we only work with the most reputable suppliers and manufacturing partners. All our products are made in FDA-inspected facilities that comply with good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Our ingredients are always inspected to ensure composition, identity, strength, and purity, and our products’ herbal components undergo heavy metals and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) testing.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in our home state of California, USA.

Are your products FDA approved?

Since Pilly Labs products are nutritional supplements, they do not require FDA approval and technically cannot be approved by the FDA (pro tip: if anyone claims otherwise…RUN!). That being said, we stand by the quality and efficacy that we claim for our products.

Can I take your products while I’m pregnant?

While we take every precaution to make sure our stuff is safe for everyone, we understand that pregnancies can introduce a plethora of different factors. We strongly suggest that pregnant individuals consult a physician or medical practitioner first before taking our supplements.

Can I take your products with other medications?

Unfortunately, we can't provide medical advice. That's best left to people much smarter than us. If you’re uncertain about taking any of our supplements or undergoing treatment for any medical condition, please discuss it with your doctor or healthcare practitioner first! When you get your clearance, we'll be right here waiting for you.