About Us


Taking functional supplements isn't exactly the new trend of the ultra-natural and healthy millennial revolution (at least not yet). You usually hear about them from your older relatives complaining about their joint pains and high cholesterol. Fingers crossed, you won’t be dealing with those issues for a long time.

But life on earth is way different from how it used to be for the older generation. Everything's more expensive, work is undervalued, and thinking about the future is near impossible without having a meltdown. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped people from being ambitious and going after what they want, but does that have to come at the cost of your health? Absolutely not. That’s where Pilly Labs comes in.



Unlike what your balding sociology professor back in college says, Pilly Labs doesn’t think today’s generation is lazy. They work harder than ever, and it makes the #treatyourself culture totally understandable. That’s why we want to take away the stigma of supplements and make them for problems that you actually care about and struggle with.

Pilly Labs offers insanely effective wellness options for your demanding and fast-paced lifestyle, regardless of your background and interests. Supplements aren’t just for gym rats, and herbal blends aren’t just for intense yogis. Our stuff is for people who want to live better and healthier without slowing down.

Shout out to all the doers who wish there were more hours in a day to get work done—we know your type, and we 100% respect the hustle. While you’re out there working and playing hard, Pilly Labs is here to remind you to take care of yourself, and that it doesn’t have to take much effort at all.


Are These Cure-alls?

Hell no. We want you to become better and stronger, and our supplements hype up your own body system to do just that. But no matter what happens, you shouldn’t be using our products in place of meals, medication, or a doctor’s appointment, if you need them.

Lifestyle products by Pilly Labs aim to bring you relief in exactly that—your lifestyle. Your precious time is better spent not wallowing over health problems, right? While you focus on doing what you want to do, let Pilly Labs’ supplements give you the support you need like the sidekick you’ve always wanted (yes, that makes you the headlining hero).

Worry less about what holds you back. We’re aware that it’s not just stress, hangovers, and mental blocks that are limiting how you live your life. Trust that we’re working just as hard as you are to find solutions to your problems.

See which Pilly Labs supplement is the one for you.